Bankhead’s Battery annual meeting is held in February each year. Members are not required to attend but are encouraged, especially to pay dues and gain details on the upcoming year’s events. Annual dues are $30 per person for full membership and $15 per person for recruits (interested children of members).

Bankhead’s Battery is comprised of an eclectic and diverse group of individuals. Many of our group are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, some are also members of the Sons of Union Veterans, and some are not affiliated with either group but who nevertheless appreciate reenacting the military life and struggle of these gallant soldiers.. It is apparent that each member has his or her own set of priorities, preferences, and schedules. This is a wholly volunteer group, and while we reenact military history and adopt a military group structure, we remain individuals who do not react well to being “ordered”. With this in mind, as a group portraying the men and circumstances of the War for Southern Independence, it is deemed both appropriate and important that we exhibit military bearing and demeanor, particularly when we operate the guns. This military bearing and demeanor cannot be achieved without individual pride in the organization and in ourselves. All members are encouraged to conduct themselves with respect to others and the intentions within reenacting.

Please consult Battery members for uniform and sutler recommendations. Items not listed are subject to approval.
Minimum Uniform Requirements:
Jacket: Common shell jacket in 12oz. or heavier wool. Colors– Confederate Gray, Tuscaloosa Gray, or Cadet Gray. Red trim on collars and cuffs and brass buttons.
Trousers: 12oz. or heavier wool in Federal Sky Blue or grays listed above. Foot or mounted pattern without beltloops or pocket flaps. No patterned or check design allowed. Red trim for officers only.
Shirt: Issue pattern “Jefferson” style, civilian pattern, “Henley” style, or battle shirt. These are all mostly pullover in white or natural color cotton with 4-8 buttons and are long sleeved.
Cap: Bankhead’s style forage or kepi in wool. Red on top with gray band. Or black slouch in wool with red hat cord.
Footwear: Brogans or Half-calf artillery boots/knee length cavalry boots, black.

Please arrive early to all events to help unload the cannon and set up camp. Most events require at least 6 members to a gun so members are encouraged to attend as many events as they are able. All members wishing to work the gun during an event are required to drill prior to the battle. Operation of the gun is a serious task and should be respected. Any member not taking their duties seriously will be pulled from the gun. Operating a cannon can be a very safe activity if everyone does their part. Remember, you are responsible for the safety of every member just as they are responsible for yours!

At some events the Battery will “galvanize”, meaning that we portray a Union Battery. Bankhead’s mainly portrays a Confederate Battery and a Union uniform is not required for membership.
Additional items you may wish to purchase include a tent, leather goods, canteen, haversack, bedroll, camp chair, and other small authentic personal items. Most members camp at the events but it is not required.
Event registration and payment will often be made by the Battery Adjutant. It is your responsibility to make sure you pre-pay or re-pay your fees. Event fees range from free-$20.

For more information about joining please contact:
Bankhead’s Battery
P. O. Box 171251
Memphis, TN 38187-1251